This Is Why You Are Here.

My Life offers an immensely customized, student-oriented counseling service focused on the process of admissions in India. My Life is the professional organization who has helped students in educational decisions that include colleges, hostels, education loan assistance, training, placement and more.

My Life offers an immensely customized, student-oriented counseling service focused on the process of admissions in India. My Life is the professional organization who has helped students in educational decisions that include colleges, hostels, education loan assistance, training, placement, CV preparation, Personality Development classes etc for students with learning or therapeutic needs. We do not charge even a penny for our service and do not receive or collect any compensation or commission from our students and parents.



My Life’s career counseling programs are designed to cater the needs of each and every student. It guides students who wish to study in India, through the entire process as smoothly as possible. Our expert counselors help in selecting the right program based on your academics and interest, eventually boosting career prospects for you. Our service in Counseling includes: Course selection advise and explain future ladder of courses.


Course Selection

Institutions in India offer wide variety of courses ranging from undergraduate programs to doctorate programs. Students can choose various programs from a range of reputed and top ranking academic institutions in India. Main attraction is all about the rare courses which are not available in Kerala and are exclusively available only through My Life. Having the right career choice is only half way up the mountain.


University/College Selection

At times selecting the right university/college can be strenuous and confusing. Students often find this difficult and end up making the wrong choice. Our well-qualified counselors are available here to help in selecting the right institution as well as the right program that will boost career prospects. Your choice and your career objective will be completely taken into consideration before we advise you. Our large portfolio of institutes along with our knowledge of their areas of specialization and the various opportunities they have helps us to give you the right guidance in choosing a college which appeals to you. Knowledge about your career choice and the opted course enable us to suggest the right institute for you. We make sure that the particular college will help you develop not just academically but holistically so that your aptitude and strengths are fully utilized.


Cost Estimation

With the help of our close link with various institutions, we have successfully managed to provide students with information like Tuition fees, cost of living, transportation, accommodation, and so on. This gives the applicant a very good idea about the approximate expenditure he/she would incur during the entire stay in the city or place of their choice to pursue the course.


Eligibility Criteria

One must not forget that academic programs in India have certain academic requirements. Depending on the program, applicant has to satisfy the entire eligibility requirement. In other words the applicant/s has to fulfill that requirement/s before their application can be considered for admissions. For most of the students, minimum percentage is necessary but again it depends from one college to the other. Submitting an incomplete application will result in huge delays which in turn may lead to unsuccessful admissions due to seats unavailability or any other reasons for that matter. Hence we at My Life guide students through the entire application process and ensure that the student satisfies the completion of the entry requirement before the application is submitted.


End to End Application Process

All colleges have strict application deadlines. We recommend students who would like to study outside Kerala to apply right after their board exam results, giving enough time to fulfill other formalities like first year fees, loan arrangement, accommodation facilities and so on. It is advisable to apply after April and before August of every year. In case of more information, we have our qualified counselors appointed here to satisfy all the queries & they will be gladder to have doubts cleared.


Other Services

Our job isn’t necessarily over with your admissions. We also arrange a trip to the college which you have booked your admission to directly visit that institution all around (including campus surroundings, classrooms, lab facilities, hostels etc). My Life also assists for education loan, placement assistance, technical training & personality development classes and so on. We not only provide with updated information on admission procedures but support students on every step if at all required!


Final Guidance

As soon as you select your college, we immediately help you with the next step i.e., preparation of application to the college. Once your application is processed, which can take some time, My Life pays special attention to getting your documents sorted out and ready for submission. We make sure that you meet all the requirements including finance. Assisting with paperwork, filling out forms and organizing your financial statements (education loan assistance) are all part of the work that we seriously undertake. Since admission procedures constantly change, our communication with the college and admission department keeps us updated on anything that might affect your application process and we keep in touch with the concerned authorities to ensure a successful admission. We see to it that you face no problems in obtaining admission to go out of Kerala because your education is equally important to us. Give us a call anytime you need assistance because we have the best client support plan for our students. So don’t delay any longer, make use of our efficient service. Starting from career counseling, we guide you through every step of the way, till you settle into a smooth life outside Kerala.