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Unani is considered as a traditional Indian medical practice in which patients treatment is done through observing their symptoms and temperament. Higher education into this field requires separate skills. My Life Education Consultancy is known for best consultant in the field of unani admissions in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Kerala etc. We are one of the top education consultants in India.

A very good industry specialist or education consultants required from this particular field in order to get admission in a reputed institutions. With our experienced and highly qualified team of professionals we assist each student and understand their aspirations. We are the most demanded unani college admission consultants in India and assisting every students to fulfill their dreams.

My Life Education Consultancy is a professional education consultancy since 2003. Educational development and successful career of every student is our inspiration. We strive to chase the dreams of every student and their parents. We have established ourselves into higher education consulting in South India, and we continue to commit towards the aspirations of every student.

We don’t just guide, we ensure that we follow your dreams!!!




MD-Unani Pharmacology (ilmul Advia)


MD-Gynaecology (Ilmul-Quabila-wa-Amraz-e Niswan)

MD-Preventive and social medicine( Tahaffuzi-wa-Samaji-Tib )

MD-Ilmul Saidla