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Allied Health is a health care profession slightly different from nursing. We understand the value of finest quality education and successful career of each student. We are the leading Allied Health admission consultants representing various institutes, colleges and universities from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala etc.

There are various courses are there coming under the subject allied health. Generally we see lack of information amongst the students and their parents regarding the various courses under medical field. This leads to difficulty while choosing the right option for them. Here, right guidance from industry experts of Allied Health education consultants can aids in accurate decision making. Our team of specialists creates a strong student network through their personal interaction from the very beginning of course selection until choosing career opportunities.

We desire to deliver quality and honestly with our highly qualified professionals who are experts and experienced in every field of education. My Life Education Consultancy is known to Allied Health admission consultancy in top medical colleges of North and South India since 2003. Our aim and motivation of existence is to assist our students with apt professional courses in reputed colleges.

We don’t just guide, we ensure that we follow your dreams!!!


B.M.L.T- Bachelor of Science in Medical Lab Technology

B.Optom- Bachelor of Optometry

BASLP- Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

B.M.R.S.- Bachelor of Medical Record Sciences

BHA- Bachelor of Hospital Administration

B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology

B.Sc.Cardiac Care Technology

B.Sc.Perfusion Technology

B.Sc. Neuro Science Technology

B.Sc. Renal Dialysis Technology

B.Sc. Respiratory Care Technology

B.Sc. Anaesthesia Technology

B.Sc. Imaging Technology

B.Sc. Radiotherapy Technology

B.Sc. Prosthetics & Orthotics

B.Sc.Nuclear Medicine Technology

B.Sc .Emergency and Trauma Care Technology

B.Sc. Critical Care Technology

B.Sc. Medical Sociology

B.Sc. Physician Assistant

B.Sc. Electro Neurophysiology

B.Sc . Reproductive and Sexual Medicine


M.M.L.T(Msc.MLT) -Master of Science in Medical Lab Technology

M.M.L.T(Msc.MLT) In Clinical Biochemistry

M.M.L.T(Msc.MLT) In Haematolgy and Blood Transfusion

M.M.L.T(Msc.MLT) In Microbiology and Immunology

MASLP- Master of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

MHA- Master of Hospital Administration

M.Sc. Perfusion Technology

M.Sc. Clinical Psychology

M.Sc. Clinical Research

M.Sc. Echo Cardiography