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We are My Life Education Consultancy, Dedication in the field of education every steps you take!!!

We My Life Consultancy offer specialized designing course in various prestigious colleges and universities with our experienced and dedicated team through proper counseling and guidance in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala etc.

Designing is the most trending filed which is not known by every students and parents. It includes Fashion Designing and Interior Designing Courses. This stream has grown tremendously bringing in huge opportunities. We believe in supporting our student right from the beginning of course selection till assisting in career opportunities. Our aim is to be one of the best consultants of designing admission offering finest quality educational opportunities in the field of designing world.

My Life Education Consultancy commits itself towards a successful career of every student by following their dreams together. Our highly qualified professionals are experts and experienced in this stream passionate to assist each student seeking designing as their higher studies. We continue to be the top education consultants in India since 2003.

We don’t just guide, we ensure that we follow your dreams!!!


BSc. Fashion Designing

BSc. Interior Designing

BSc. Jewellery Design

BSc. Gemology

BID-Bachelor of Interior Design


MSc. Fashion Design

MSc. Interior Design